Thursday, November 18, 2010

tips for last 3 days for NTSE preparation

There are few things i would like to tell before you wonder what to study in the last 3 days
1. Don't go for any new material
2. Re visit to the questions which you answered wrongly in the last one month while taking any test. This is the most important exercise for analysis. This will give idea where your weakness lies and accordingly you can revisit few concepts you already studied.
3. Analyze the papers attempted by you and in case if you have left any questions unanswered due to lack of time, think about it, by any how you should not leave any questions because there is no negative marking in the NTSE exam. Every 4th student leave some questions blank just because of the poor time management, be aware about it.
 4. Darken the bubbles carefully use HB pencil, every 7th student makes some mistakes in darkening the bubbles, in case if you want to change the option, erase the earlier bubble thoroughly
5. dont dark more than one bubble it leads to zero marks
on the exam day
1. Don't spend too much time on any particular question
2. read the instructions in the question paper carefully

Be cheerful, eat well ,sleep well and watch some TV also
Best of luck for NTSE

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