Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unified council messes up the UCO result

Unified council conducts two exams every year NSTSE & UCO
where thousands of students appear for this examination. Unified council charges Rs 100 per student towards examination fee and collect crores of rupees from students it also get sponsorship worth of crores towards this exam
However the way this examination is conducted raises eyebrows, transparency is not maintained and very purpose this exam is conducted is defeated
nowadays even every government agency NCERT, IISC ( which conduct NTSE & KPVY respectively ) maintains complete transparency by giving out the copy of the ORS sheet to the students
 recently few of my students who appeared in this exam got less marks than what they expected after seeing the official answer key released by Unified council.
My students have complained to me that students who appeared from our center every body has observed a pattern of difference , every students got 6 marks less than what they should have got as per answer key of Unified council.
When we demanded the copy of the ORS we were denied this information.
This puts a big question on the credibility of this exam.

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anadya said...

Sir , what about NSO result , i think it is delayed considerably.