Friday, April 15, 2011

First Appeal Under section 19 (1) Right to information Act.

                                                                                         Date   April 2011
The First Appellate Authority
Maharashtra State Council of Examinations
17- Dr. Amdedkar Road

       First Appeal  Under  section 19 (1) Right to information Act.

File Ref No: RTI/NTSE/1

1.             I filed an application  with  the  PIO o/o Maharashtra State Council of Examinations, Pune on  12 March  2011  with a 20 poster order  seeking  information regarding regarding NTSE stage 1 examination conducted ( a copy of the letter is enclosed herewith).

  1. The PIO had responded to my RTI Filled. However i am not satisfied with the answer on the grounds mentioned in letter received from PIO.

3.                  Every State is disclosing the information asked such as: Copy of the ORS, Official answer key, Details of the corrections. However the PIO of the above mentioned organization is not ready to divulge the information on the pretext of confidentiality. Any efforts in hiding the information will be seen as an attempt to subjugate the transparency and credibility of this exam.

 Kindly take action according to the sect 20 (1) (2) of Right to Information Act and instruct the PIO to furnish the information.

Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully,
1.       Letter to the PIO
2. Copy of the  reply received PIO.

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