Wednesday, August 3, 2011

use RTI to access your copy of the ORS and Official answer key

NIE (NCERT), Department of Educational Measurement & Evaluation
NCERT, Sri Aurobindo Marg New Delhi-110016
File Ref No: RTI/NCERT/1
Sub: Information seeking under Right to Information Act.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am submitting this request exercising my RIGHT TO INFORMATION to provide me information regarding the NTSE stage 2 paper conducted by your dept. on  May 11.

1.      Please provide the answer key of both SAT and MAT Papers.
2.      Please let me know whether the same paper was conducted across the India or different MAT and SAT Papers were given to students. If yes please provide the reasons so far.
3.       Please give the copy of the ORS of the students whose roll no is _____________. Ifurther certify that the information sought is not of third party.
4.      Please provide the details of the complains received regarding the mistakes/errors in stage 2 papers, please give the details of the action taken/ corrective measures taken on it.

Please also find attached Rs 10/ postal order with this application towards payment seeking the information. Do let me know the required fee for want of the information under RTI.

Thanking you

Your faithfully

1.      A Rs 10/ postal order.


Anonymous said...

what you mean by ors kindly clarify

Shailesh C Jain said...

ORS means Optical Response Sheet

suresh said...

Thank you for info ... pls post sample of RTI form also ... unhappy with result..expected 10 marks above cut off but missed by 4 marks..hope retotalling will be allowed, and that we get copy of ORS with official answer key

Tracy Ray said...

what would be the difference between State level ntse and ntse...if any then please tell some info regarding the syllabusand seats for SLNTSE 2011-2012 Chandigarh.