Monday, September 19, 2011

NCERT should come with explanation of the disputed questions

All posts and comments are auto routed to NCERT officials, so NCERT  must be aware that what controversy going on this time. So NCERT should come with proper explanation to address the concerns. this time there are four questions which require explanation


pooran kumar said...

Thank you Mr. Nilesh.

Kamal Singh Chauhan said...

As Mr.Himesh Jain already left a comment on the previous post, that was the right explanation of question no.36 of MAT paper:

36. Statements:
a) Engineers marry only teachers
b) Rashmi is a teacher
I Rashmi is married to an engineer
II Rashmi is not married to an engineer

1. Only I follows
2. Only II follows
3. Both I and II follow
4. Neither I nor II follow

NCERT marked answer 4. Which is not possible. Generally these type of questions have 5 options but I think NCERT missed the right option while converting it in to four options. And according to the question the right answer is Either I or II follow.

Kamal Singh Chauhan,
Maths and Mental Ability Faculty,
Resonance PCCP.

pooran kumar said...

Dear Kamal Singh Ji,

I have already covered this thing in my mail to NCERT and subsequently letter through Speed post. We request you to please see the question No. 89 and find out the actual answer. All the institutes have given 1 whereas NCERT has given 2. Why ? MAT is not our subject so you can help us. Shweta Mam can also comment what I have already mentioned about question no. 68, 74 and 80 and Question No. 4.


pooran kumar said...

Dear Kamal Singh Ji,

Thanks for your comments. I have already covered this in my email and subsequently letter to NCERT through Speed post. Let us see the outcomes.

Meanwhile, please convey the logic behind question No. 89 of MAT. How the answer is coming 1 and why the answer of NCERT is 2.


Himesh Jain said...

Dear Kamal sir,
Thank u for reacting on my query
please take a view given below and if u can please tell me if i am right


36. Statements:
a) Engineers marry only teachers
b) Rashmi is a teacher
I Rashmi is married to an engineer
II Rashmi is not married to an engineer

1. Only I follows
2. Only II follows
3. Both I and II follow
4. Neither I nor II follow

NCERT answer is (4), doubt: It can not be possible that both the conclusions according to 4 are incorrect, according to their(NCERT) answer if we take that situation in which I doesn't follow that means-
we can take the conclusion that " Rashmi is not married to an engineer ". According to this there are 2 possibilities : Either she is married to another person than engineer or she is unmarried . These 2 possibilities follow II conclusion which is contradictory with option 4 (NCERT's answer). The option should be Either I or II follow


4. Find the odd one out of the following


as per the origin of the substances “Cotton” is correct answer, but as per the uses of the substances “Hair” is the correct answer. All the other three materials are used to make clothes to wear.

The question is defective and it should be “On the basis of origin, find the odd one out” or “On the basis of Uses find odd one out “ like style.

56. √(34-24√2) x (4+3√2)

1. -- 2
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4

NCERT ans. (2) , Doubt: -2 is also correct

68. Assertion

A) William Jones and Colebrook went about discovering the ancient texts of India.


R) Because they were orientalists.

1. A is not correct but R is correct
2.A is correct but R is not correct
3.A is correct and R is correct explanation of A
4.Both A and R are correct but R is not correct explanation of A

NCERT ans. is 4. It is apparently seems to be wrong answer given by NCERT. The correct answer is 3. In support of answer 3 – I would like to draw your kind attention towards the NCERT Book “Social Science” Book “Our Pasts – III (Part – 2) page No. 97 (Heading of the chapter is “Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation”) the definition of Orientalists has been given which reads as under :

“ Orientalists : Those with a scholarly knowledge of the language and culture of Asia”.

Here the scholarly means (Spending a lot of time studying and having a lot of knowledge about an academic subject), as per Oxford Dictionary.

In the beginning of the chapter it is very much clear from various lines that William Jones and Henry Thomas Colebrooke were busy discovering the ancient Indian heritage, mastering Indian Languages and translating Sanskrit and Persian works into English. In Fig. 2 the picture of Henry Thomas Colebrooke is given and in his introduction it is mentioned “He was a scholar of Sanskrit and ancient scared writings of Hinduism”

Since they both were having scholarly knowledge of the language and culture of Asia so they both were Orientalists. Thus the Answer 3 seems quite reasonable.

please reply
My ID is

Thanx for co-operation

anil said...

Dear All,
Please ask the information from NCERT on the following lines :

Sub : Information seeking under Right to Information Act.

With reference to above, please provide me information on the following points, pertaining to NTSE Stage 2 paper conducted in May 2011.

(1) Number of grievances, complaints/objections received till the date of replying my RTI Application related to wrong questions/wrong answers, defective questions in connection with NTS examination held in May 2011.
(2) Action taken by NCERT on such grievances or complaints received at your end by any means i.e. Post, courier or mail till the date of replying my RTI application.
(3) Certified Zeroxed copies of the office note, if any, prepared and submitted to the authority to resolve such grievances/complaints/objections.
(4) Information related to question no.(s) in SAT and/or MAT paper, the grievances/complaints/objections related to wrong questions/answers/defective questions.
(5) NCERT has disclosed that against question no. 72 in SAT all the candidates were given credit of 1 mark, considering the question as defective. Kindly convey the basis on which the NCERT came to know that question no. 72 was defective. Please provide me the related certified copy of the office note on which this decision was taken.
(6) Whether any committee is constituted for resolving such grievances/complaints/objections, if so, the details of the committee members such as name, address, telephone no. their qualification and email ID of the committee members be conveyed to me. The basis on which the committee members were selected and the name and designation of the competent authority as well as the procedure followed for the contitution of the committee be conveyed to me.
(7) Whether any rules are framed for working of the committee, if so, the complete details of the rules be conveyed to me for functioning of the committee.

pooran kumar said...

Dear Himesh,

Please concentrate on your study. The matter is under process and we may get good results. Natural Justice always took some time. But it will be surely delivered by NCERT. Just say to your parents to send a RTI asking therein the action taken by the NCERT on various complaints received by them as Mr. Anil has done. Because I have send the detailed complaint of wrong questions and/or wrong answers and/or defective question to NCERT through speed post and the same has been delivered to them on 22.09.2011 (As per tracking site of Indian Post). We must give some time to NCERT for taking action on our grievances.

so please concentrate on your study. I know you are a good guy. You had also met me at Udaipur on the day of paper.


Anonymous said...


Please see Wikipedia. If you don't rely on your own books than please rely on this text :

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Henry Thomas Colebrooke

A bust of Henry Thomas Colebrooke currently owned by the Royal Asiatic Society
Born June 15, 1756(1756-06-15)
London, England
Died April 10, 1837(1837-04-10) (aged 80)

London, England
Nationality British
Occupation Orientalist
Known for Sanskrit scholar, one of the founders of the Royal Asiatic Society
Henry Thomas Colebrooke (June 15, 1765 – March 10, 1837) was an English orientalist.

Rajkumar said...

wikipedia is not a reference or subject master, yes its true that most of the time we refere wiki for our problems as this is best hit site, hence whenever we search annything on google it first show wiki.
Info on wiki are provided by diffrent people, mostly masters of subject but at times you may find yourself wrong because it was given by somebody who may not be master but a resource man like me.
Hence, here in India, NCERT is counted to be authentic even for higher exams.
You are right in getting the answer but reply on Pooranji's reason with NCERT Ref. thats correct & most of us know that you are right, let's wait when NCERT accepts.
yes Himesh is certainly an intelligent boy, but man do not loose your concentration now as your next exam is soon going to be held, your parents will take care of your problems, ask them to see your teachers / faaculties at Resonance who may help you regarding the NTSE.
best of lucK Himesh

Debashri said...

Q 68 SAT:-

Friends, at first I also thought and marked '3' because I had read it in the book.

But:- ASSERTION is Jones and Coolebrooke went about discovering the ancient texts of India.

But Orientalists are those who have a scholarly knowledge about the culture of Asia. That means first they have to discover Asia, then they are orientalists. But here Assertion says that they discover India. Reason is they are orientalists. But the thing should be that Jones and Colebrooke are orientalists BECAUSE they discovered India. Hence NCERT's answer '4'.

But the best thing is for NCERT to clarify it for us.

Anonymous said...

You are somewhat wrong. Orientalist means having scholarly knowledge of Language and culture of Asia. You will find by reading that they (both) have already mastered them in Persian, Sanskrit and Hinduism language, after that they started searching ancient text of India for translating the same in English.

This clearly shows that they were orientalist. If we go according to the book, no orientalist can even read the ancient text because they don't know the Asian language.

The matter is rightly taken , in my opinion, by someone for question no. 68. He has rightly interpreted the text. Let NCERT come with its reply.

Shikha said...

MR. kamal sigh chauhan
36th ues. is correct and the answer is 4th only
You cannot actually say that she is or isnt married to an engineer

Shikha said...

Nah himanshu you r wrong here read the option once again
it is written that Neither I nor II follow
'not follow' doesnt means it isnt true
it means that none of them can be concluded frm the statements
Check out the meaning of 'follow'
Read the hindi version

Shikha said...

yeah ques 4 of sat
yeah ythough obvious
Bt u get twio answers

Shikha said...

Could anybody explain me ques. 56 of sat??
how to do that??

Shikha said...

m tottaly agaist giving questions such as 68 in competions
such questions r really confusing

Anonymous said...

ncert needs proof for the right answer of the disputed questions . so can u plz tell me frm where can i get the right answrs of dese ques ??

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous,
you can get the answers from the NCERT text book of class 8 part 2
Q)68- pg.97(first box)
Q)74 - pg.168 (7th line)

Q)80 - geography pg.45 (under Wheat )

Himesh Jain said...

do we have to put postal order on second RTI

pooran kumar said...

For fresh RTI, you will have to send postal order as processing Fees. But if no reply is received within 30 days from the date of receipt of letter by NCERT then you may appeal to Ist appellate Authority in NCERT without postal order.

My Three RTI are pending with NCERT and two have completed 25 days whereas one has completed 16 days. I hope I will receive their reply within 5 days for two RTIs.

pooran kumar said...

days have been calculated from the date of receipt of my letter to them which can be tracked from Speed post tracking Services.