Monday, September 26, 2011

We should meet with NCERT officials

with so much confusion prevailing upon answer key released by NCERT of NTSE stage 2 paper, i think we should have meeting with Prof Avatar Singh. Pooran ji or Raj kumar ji can help in getting the appointment with DEME head.

NCERT has taken lot of good initiatives off late to bring more transparency on the entire selection process and i see no reason why NCERT shall not listen to us


pooran kumar said...

Dear Nilesh Ji,
You are absolutely right. Let me talk to Prof. Avtar Singh Ji and try to fix an appointment. Actually tomorrow, I would be busy in my official Meeting. I will definitly talk to them.

Anonymous said...

Nilesh Ji,
Please give confirmation regarding the disputed questions once again. Because you are expert on the matter. We want your comments on each and every question, whether positive or negative. questions are SAT 4, 68, 74, 80 (please comment on Book wording regarding the Maize and Wheat),
MAT Q. No. 36 and 89.

Girish Agarwal said...

I wish to draw your attention to one more issue. The claim bill for NTS scholarship needs to be submitted online through NCERT website for which user name & password is to be obtained via link given on the site. Unforunately the link is showing server error and students are not able to get user name & password. The issue is reported to NCERT through email as well as telephone but no response. I request if somebody can take this up with NCERT authorities? Thanks

Rajkumar said...

yes sure i will, I can well help, just give me little time, I will be free tomorrow afternnon on.
even I will sure accompany you if such thing happens, Just give a message & I will be with you,
I am highly impressed, Nileshji, he is again charged, Cheers Nileshji,
Girishji, donot worry about server problem, thats only a page meant for username & Passwords, It will be generated and link will be given timely, this would take little more time and would remain there for some 2 months for new NTSE scholars
Again I will ask kids to be at studies rest will be taken carre of by seniors.
regards Pooranji & Nileshji

pooran kumar said...

Dear Nilesh Ji,
I had talked to Prof. Avtar Singh Ji today. He was of the opinion that NCERT is correct as the answers were suggested by their Experts. However, he had taken my cell number for any further discussions.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am filling up the NTSE scholarship form for my son, please guide, what needs to be filled in form 3 below point 10, which states that - "Shri ABC is a bonafide student of ****1 since ****2 and that particulars furnished by him are correct." In point 1 do we need to fill school name or current class?

In point 2 do we fill the date when the student joined the school or is it start date of current session?


Rajkumar said...

dear Nileshji Pooranji,
I had spoke to people responsible there & reply is sensitive and i think I would someday forwaord u thro' mail
Again would appeal kids whoseems have heard their pareents serious and gone for studies now,
Pooranji I think this is high time that we should give a serious thought that these kids as u rightly said r above average even if they have cleared stage one should be given proper direction & required counselling. Kids are kids and this is responsibility of parents to give them right direction. In absence of this counselling, it is more likely that 1. kids are allured by false claims in pain and to get what they think they have lost.
2. These kids have high energy and intelligence & developement need a team to work together. These kids should be made the part of constructive developement else they would either end in only money matters or will not feel satisfied. Both will not be good.
True its not possible for 2 or 3 of people like you would make any change but sure a start would end somewhere good.
Regards & thanks Pooranji for your serious efforts for innocent kids.
This is to be respected.

Rajkumar said...

NTSE Form 3
point 10 - bonafied student of class IX ( or in which student is currently studying,like may be XII or B Tech 1 semester etc ) since 01.04.2011 ( usual date of admission to next session.
If you are filling for NTS Scholar 2011 then above class & date is right,rest principal of the school will verify..

pooran kumar said...

Dear Raj kumar Ji,

My email id is

Please let me know the response from responsible officials.

Anonymous said...

Parents may send their complaints to NCERT on disputed questions. NCERT can not ignore the complaints of lot of people.

pooran kumar said...

Rajkumar Ji,
It seems NCERT is showing adamant behavior on its mistakes. They claim to be fair but their actions are contradictory. for example They allow bonus marks to Punjab Students for Printing mistakes, but are silent on Printing Mistakes found in Orissa Question Papers. (Q. No. 38) as somebody mentioned on this blog. If they could found that Question No. 72 is defective, before releasing the result, then certainly they were expected to check the other disputed questions before releasing the result.

Whatever is mentioned in their books, they are not agree with that. They rely on their experts and expect that their experts can not commit mistakes ?

I do not have any problem with their adamant attitude. I think it is natural on their part to safeguard their own interests. But I am confident at all. There is no other way except that Either they will have to convince us or we will convince them.

If they fail to convince us, then so many doors are open for us to knock. and it is decided on my part that I will knock each and every door to get justice.

Their path is wrong path and we are ready to fight against their wrong attitude.

Anonymous said...

pooran kumar ji and nilesh ji,
to whom should we address the letter regarding the disputed questions.
Should it be an E-mail or a speed post or both.

Anonymous said...

You send it to Prof. Avtar Singh, HOD (DEME), NCERT, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-16 through SPEED POST.

Rajkumar said...

I will pooranji,
Iam out the town,
let me come back
Give me little time please,
I agree with you wholly
with you for these kids

Jain said...

Dear All Parents,

I am regularly reading the blogs posted by NileshJi, Pooran Ji and Raj Kumar Ji. They all are doing good job of exposing NCERT like Anna Hazare. I think they need the support of many parents then only the NCERT will accept their wrongs. All the parents should join hands and write to NCERT on the disputed questions. We should ask the information under RTI and then on that basis we should write to higher ups in NCERT or Ministry. If we are together then NCERT has to came out with corrective measures.

It is my humble request to join hands and use RTI.

Anonymous said...

can anyone please help me with the reason for question number 31 as proof.
With method

Anonymous said...

I have written 3 letters one rti and others regular communication to ncert but they have not replied to me. I don't know what to do and how to proceed

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

You wait for your RTI reply. Whatever you have written in your regular letter, you send another RTI and ask them that what action they have taken on your request/letter/grievance.

If no action has been taken, then ask the reasons for not taking any action (question wise reasons).

Anonymous said...

is nothing being done
talks to NCERT about the disputed questions

Anonymous said...

hey everyone, it was given in the claim bill letter that students should submit their claim bills by december 31st 2011 or they will not be awarded with the scholarship. But if the ncert doesnt load the username and password for submission of claim bill webpage then how are we to get the scholarship?? somebody had said that it will be loaded in 2-3 months but by that time december 31st would have passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Anonymous said...


Harish Balaji said...

Dear Sir/Madam

My son has secured 157 marks in NTSE stage 2 and declared as NTSE Scholar. He has also received the NTSE Award of Scholarship Claim Form Booklet, but he has not yet revceived the NTSE Scholar Certificate. Kindly enligten me when will he get the same.

NROLL 14411004
REF. NO. 1020/VIII/2011/NTS-II
PINCODE 605004.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nilesh Sir,
The claim bill for NTS scholarship needs to be submitted online through NCERT website.
Though I received no problem in getting my user name & passward.... but.... while submitting my Form 2 as soon as I click 'submit' the window shows 'Server Error. Please try again.'
Dec,31 is round the corner and we are facing such problems....:(

NROLL NUMBER: 13011116

k.haripriya RK velu said...

I have cleared ntse stage 2 2013 .the ntse website says it has sent my username and password to the registered email id. but I haven't given any email id while filling up the form.I have sent several emails to ncert regarding this but I haven't got any reply yet. PLEASE help me.

Ekampreet Singh said...

I have cleared ntse stage 2 and when i am filling the form and click the submit button,it just loggs me out of my account
Plz somebody help me as dec 31 is very near
My national level roll no. Is:22915032