Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revised answer key of 14 NSO


Manan said...

question no. 38 of class 8 -
Zinc is is not malleable.

Anonymous said...

please highlight the answers which have been changed. I did not see a single answer having changed & I had to check all the answers & find that out. Its a waste of time.

Please see class 9th paper,
1 Q 16 correct ans is D
2.Q 18 correct ans is B
3.Q 25 correct ans is A
4.Q 27 correct ans is A
5.Q 28 correct ans is A
6.Q 34 correct ans is D
7.Q 47 correct ans is B

apurv said...

q 3 answer is (d)
q 8 answer is (b)

adarsh said...

sir i dont remember the whole paper but i knoq some questions of uttar pradesh state
1. when did dandi yatra start (exact date)
2. the longest national highway connects which two places
3.unit of specific heat
4. specifik heat values of water

5.which gas did metyl icosinate react with in bhopal tragedy

6.a^1/x = b^1/y = c^1/z = abc find the value of 1/x +
1/y+ 1/z
7 1/(2^2-1)+ 1/(4^2 -1)+ 1/(6^2 -1)+ 1/(20^2 -1)

8.gypusum is used in what
1 plaster of paris
2 cosmetics
3 glass
4(i don't remember but it was not so important as i think but i think one is the answer)
9.who was the first prime minister of pakistan
10.who is the head of nagar nigam
11.who was the most important deity of indus valley civilization
12.if a has 25% more money than b by how much percentage does b have less money than a
13.if 200% percentage of a number is 20, find 50% of the number