Sunday, December 4, 2011

NSTSE Mess up

We are getting news that at Mount Fort School,Bhopal,NSTSE was conducted at 1 december 2011.A student of this school gave the paper to SHRI SAI DAS COACHING CLASSES. and alas! the paper was photocopied and distributed among the students.

Unfortunately the set of paper was same. And they did it all correct.

wastage of time the exam was for Bhopal students!!!!
already students of sai das coaching classes knew all the answers! just the previous day, same leaked ppr was solved in their coaching and the students could easily recognize all the questions during examination!!

Its very sad and should be brought under the notice of unified council for sure. This is a very sad news and really disappointed to know that.There must be a serious action taken about that.

Can anybody guess what result would be ????????

You must write to Unified council at


abha said...

really bad

Anonymous said...

If some action is taken against exam conducted in bhopal or if the result is cancelled then what is the mistake of those Bhopal students who did not get the paper and gave the exam fairly???
it is possible that their are some students woh would be hoping for a rank under 500 for the pass to next level....

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm not in very charitable mood, so I could'nt care less if Bhopal students get disqualified. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say! Blast those scallywags at sai das!!
I hope that Unified council does disqualify them or it would not be fair. Then again they (Unified Council) would have an incentive to play fair for...Their credibility is in the line of fire and to even things out, the least they can do is disqualify those students.....if not at the very least they should re-host the examination. But I'm quite ready to bet my life that you can expect a law suit sooner or later against that coaching centre by the Unified Council, should the accusations prove true, for illegal copying of question booklets without prior permission from the Unified council or something like that coming up! They should really give Bhopal the sobriquet 'The city of tragedies' for after all, this is the second one....the irony.....

Anonymous said...

This is not fair as The students who studied Day and Night are not getting the rewards and the students who simply have question papers can get 100 easily . The students who study hours a day to get good rank and due to paper leakage and their Rank goes down. I think this is the mistake of unified council as they have to keep the date fixed and provide the question papers the previous day.I think there should be a re-test of NSTSE.

Anonymous said...

This is the mistake of that school not of coaching center.Any institute would do the very same thing on getting the paper. The school should not have conducted the paper before date and unified council also should take care that exam should not be held before the fixed date.

I think NSTSE should be conducted again

Anonymous said...

how will unified council sort out the deserving candidates?

Anonymous said...

Actually, its not the coaching institute fault. They photocopied and distributed papers of past 3 years and nobody in the coaching knew that the leaked paper was in their hands.
If I had known that, I would have easily answered all questions(no offence). But instead all students treated it as a sample paper only. And we prepared like all other students only.