Friday, December 9, 2011

NSTSE Should be conducted again

We have conducted on line Poll where more than 300 netizens  participated around 80 percent of them voted for re conduction of the exam.  In addition to this reports are coming from people which signal that paper has passed many hands before 04 Dec itself after the Bhopal incident. Sharing of the questions out side Bhopal is also a possiblity


Anonymous said...

But my paper went excellent..........I am scoring above 95..and I have not seen the paper also.......What about the students like me????And every private exam paper is leaked before.....I also heard from somewhere that in Rajasthan the answer key of NCO paper was posted befrore conducting the exam in RESONANCE .......Now why not to report against us

Anonymous said...

I am in class x. My result according to resonance key was more than 85 but it has now fallen to only 80 marks. Question no.
Please check them sir and tell why the answer posted by reso is wrong or right............
If the answers posted earlier are right, then we will be getting higher marks.
This is necessary to make students know why their answers are right or wrong.

Aadarsh said...

I am in class 10. I will get 83 according to Unified Council answer key, but 84 according to Resonance Answer Key. What AIR can I get???