Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IJSO second list declared

After all our efforts have paid dividends
IAPT has come out with second list where it has declared another 216 students
however it is still tight lipped about abnormal selections from Andhra Pradesh


jh said...

The results, so overwhelmingly from Andhra are positive proof that there has been a very large leak of question paper in Andhra Pradesh. This is embarrassing for India and unfair to the students who actually worked hard for the exam. It would be better to cancel the exam rather than expand the list further because the expanded list is more of an embarrassment and further proof of mismanagement than any relief.

Anonymous said...

this is very interesting to note that in the first list which the declared had a name from punjab but in their second list,the name is not there.

mgrocks said...

i too was wondering about the large no. of students selected from AP