Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NTSE awardees are being callled for five day training Programme at Ajmer

A letter has been received by all NTSE scholars for attending a five days training programme at Ajmer, different slots are being given for the programmme
the response of this programme so far has been mix ,  however personally i recommend that students should attend the programme


Anonymous said...

My Son had gone for training at IIT roorkee in December, and he has not received any invitation for Ajmer. The IIT roorkee training was for NTSE awardees from UP and Uttarakhand.

Is this training program for awardees from states other than UP & Uttarakhand?

Anonymous said...

no letter has been received by me.i am also a ntse the way what this training is about?????????

mgrocks said...

i too didn't recieve the letter!

Pranjal Mehta said...

I am from Bangalore and NIT-SURATKAL is organizing a camp for us. So i guess all states have been divided into zones and each zone has its training in a well known engineering college of that zone.Good move by the authorities.All those who got the invitation letter and are from bangalore please write it on the blog. I thought we could all go to suratkal together and have fun on the way...

Anonymous said...

Good move by the authorities

Pranjal Prasoon said...

I am NTSE Scholar of 2011 from Jharkhand but I haven't received any such invitation from the State authorities or NCERT but my seniors ( who are NTSE Scholars as well ) told me that they had got the invitation for the camp at BIT Mesra by December 2010.
In such a case, whom should I contact. Please provide relevant information in this context.
Yours truly
Pranjal prasoon
NTS Roll no.- 12111046