Friday, February 3, 2012

official answer key released by NSTSE wrong

NSTSE has declared it’s answer key…..which is available

There are lot of mistakes in the answer key…and the most of the question in the test papers are taken from BMA  ….it clearly indicates that the motive of the exam is not to identify young talents but to promote some books…..


Anonymous said...

What are the question nos. whose answers are wrong? I found a mistake in maths(no.22) and 2 questions in physics.

Anonymous said...

How can u say that most of the questions are from BMA ... In our paper not even a single question was from BMA of 9th class. And there not many mistakes in answer key..just 2-3..and moreover, updated key will come within a few days...

Anonymous said...

yah but in 1st stage there wre a number of questions(class 9)

PINU said...

Check questions and answer Of Class 10 and U will find the entire goof-up.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Resonance......even START answer key is wrong and feedback form is not working.
Some dicrepancies in the answer key of class IX.
Question 12 - The answer should be (D) as P=W/t
so, (2.4 X n/60)=2 where n is total number of contractions+total no. of relaxations and both are equal as for each contraction, there is an equal work done in relaxation. so, n=60 and relaxations or expansions = 30.
Question no. 22- Answer should be (C) as all other points were include in the atomic model according no NCERT class IX textbook.
Question no. 29- On simplifying the LHS, we get ,
b/a= 15/16 and so, it is possible that a= 16 and b=15 and hence, minimum value of a-b = 1

Anonymous said...

There some questions whose answers are given wrong in the answer key of reso-START for class 9.The reasons for the-should-be answers of mentioned QUESTION NUMBERS are as follows:

Q22. the answer should be (b) as well as (c).
because both the statements are wrong.

Q25. one mole of any substance contains 6.023*10^23. this statement was given by Avogadro. that is why this no.(6.023*10^23) is also called avogadro number.

Q31. the answer should be (b)40 degree.

Q45. the answer should be (b) 45.

Q61. Using alternate series, the answer should be (d) none of these, as the answer is coming out to be 132 which is not mentioned in any other option.

Q71. the answer should be (c) 1, as even if we remove a single stick lying in only 1 square from any square, the number of squares remaining will become 2. So, this gives us the answer 1(c).

Please look into the matter and update the answer key.

Anonymous said...

For Q12 the answer of class ix START the answer would be 50 only. this is given correct in reso answer key.

Anonymous said...

The updated answer key of NSTSE given by Unified Council is also WRONG. What is wrong with these people??? Please check the solution of the Class 9 answer key. See Q. 37. They have given the CORRECT EXPLANATION but have chosen the WRONG OPTION!!! This is outrageous!! The same options are going to befed in the OMR scanner and those who have got the answer right and have "supposedly" given the "wrong" answer in the answer sheet will lose a mark unnecessarily. We all know how much even a mark counts.

Anonymous said...

the answer of q.37 class 9 nstse should be c and this is what they have given in the answer key. remember that in reason the number mentioned is 2,00,000 and not 20,000. this makes it wrong.They have only put the comma at wrong place. And the assertion is correct. Therefore the answer would be (c) assertion is true and reason is false.
I also have done mistake in this question.I noticed this afterwards.