Monday, May 14, 2012

Bhaskar Genius Scholarship: lacks transparency

Bhaskar Genius Scholarship - A Dainik Bhaskar Group Initiative, this programme is being conducted for the third time, however it seems the organizers have not learnt any lessons from the past.
Students are charged descent sum for appearing in the exam. However when it comes to transparency there is still lot to do towards that.

  1. Papers are not given to students after the completion of the exam. No soft copy of the paper or answer key is provided to students, which leaves a scope for manipulation.
  2. It has come to notice the last year same paper was conducted on different dates in various states. In such a scenario how come talent can be assessed in the fair manner?
  3. Students complained of errors in the questions; however in the absence of the paper nothing was done.
  4. This year also the exam is conducted on 3 different dates in various states. How come benchmarking can be assessed based on the exam conducted on 3 different dates.

It is time to raise the voice we have seen very good precedents set by NCERT and IIT which conduct the NTSE and JEE exam respectively. These bodies have adopted the complete measures of bringing transparency in to the system.  The group like Bhaskar needs to learn some thing out of it .


Anonymous said...

i surely agree with this...there must be more transparency as i am also giving this exam this year..hope that everything is fair...

Anonymous said...

sir many questions in the paper were wrong in class 8 paper.....que no. 95 and 97!!
and they kept the paper wth thm
sth should be done to increase transparancy in this type of exams...