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Mr sibal pays back to its almamater

some body has commented on blog, a thought provoking article , i am putting as such here

Mr sibal pays back to its almamater

No body compromises on the quality of education especially when it comes to one’s own kids. Shri H.L. Sibal would have had the same thought when he put his son in Doon School, the most respected and
prestigious school of that time. Mr kapil Sibal as a student was very average kind of performer, however the School environment brought the best out of him. He got good confidence while studying in Doon and soon began participating in the debates and extempore very proactively. His father wanted him to become a good lawyer. His father was a big man and Doon was told to pull few strings here and there and soon he was in world-famous Harvard Law School in the United States.

From Harward there was no looking back for Mr Sibal. This back ground helped him to start his illustrative career on a good note. On the family front, Kapil Sibal's two sons, Amit and Akhil, having both studied at Cambridge University, received degrees from the prestigious Harvard and Stanford Universities respectively. Both of them are now practicing law in India. Every one of the family members of Sibal’s family studied from elite institutions of India and Abroad which is always a distant dream for common citizen of India, some thing very similar what we have seen in Gandhi family too. Ironically People like him frame the policies who have never tasted the hardships what a common man has to do in India while earning his bread. 

At one side Mr Sibal was moving very fast in his political life, on the other side his almamater Doon school was loosing its charm and reputation which it enjoyed for such a long time. Doon was no more a most coveted school in India. Academic standards were going down and drop out rate was increasing like any thing. There were good institutions coming up in different part of the country which were offering better facilities and good environment to students. Statistics tell us that Doon has given this country 400 engineers and doctors, 75 bureaucrats between 1970-90. However between 1991- 2010 this number has come to less than one fourth despite average intake capacity being doubled. Doon no more remained a pride symbol even for elite class of India and this was good enough reason to worry. People at Doon shared their concerns with Mr Sibal two years back at a function where he was invited as a guest of honor. Mr Sibal was moved by his almamater and left the school with a heavy heart with the determination to bring major reforms in education. His efforts in reforming the education was applauded by elite private schools of India as these school were finding it difficult to survive in this free and competitive market. In free market every body get an equal opportunity irrespective of the school background. Admission to elite govt. institutions of India such as IITs, IIMs which so far has been fallacy for students from rural or semi urban area was turning in to reality. But then Mr Sibal has to pay its allegiance to its almamater. After all he has to do his bit to keep these schools running. So he doctored the major reforms in India's education system, by giving more weight-age to schooling in deciding the child's future, he has created a huge divide between who can afford and who can not afford.


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Kapil Sibal is not from Doon!

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he has ruined all the school by cce!!!

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there are good comments on this blog

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