Sunday, October 7, 2012

Important informations of INO


Candidates who have represented India in the International Olympiad (IPhO, IChO, IBO, IOAA and IJSO) need not appear for the first stage NSE examination in the respective subject.

Candidates who have represented India in the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) and the International Astronomy Olympiad Junior (IAO-Jr) need not appear for the 1st stage NSEP and NSEA Examinations respectively. Those candidates who thus qualify to skip the 1st stage NSEs may be allowed on written request to the respective National Coordinator, to directly appear for the second stage Indian National Olympiad (INO) examination provided they satisfy other eligibility criteria such as age, pre-college status, etc.   (Page-7)


On the basis of performance in the Indian National Olympiads 35 students will be selected in each subject for the Orientation Cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in that subject except Junior Science where the number will be 45. This additional number in Junior Science is a one time measure for the year 2013 only.  (Page-11)

On the basis of their performance in OCSC the top 12 students will be declared to be special merit awardees.  The 12 special merit awardees will constitute the two 6-member student teams to represent India at the International Junior Science Olympiad. (Page-12) 

Two 6-member student teams with three teacher leaders each will constitute the Indian delegation to the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). The 10th IJSO will tentatively be held in Pune, India in December 2013. (Page-12)


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