Thursday, May 16, 2013

NCERT to probe

NCERT to probe successful students omitted in re-declared NTSE results.

The case is being filled in High court and verdict is pending. We are hopeful that all these 40 students will get their honor and respect back 




NCERT manipulated the result to humillate the real scholars . Even SC/ST quota and Physiaclly handicapped quota seats were filled with chosen few to keep the elegible candidates out . Kindly unite to expose wrongdoings of NCERT. All proofs of manipulation by NCERT are available .

Anonymous said...

in the name of academic sanctity, NCERT PROVED ACEDEMIC INSANITY.RULES and INSTRUCTIONS violated for vested interest, negligence and arbitrary decisions effecting the confidence and DIGNITY of budding talents. All NTSE ASPIRANTS ARE REQUESTED TO COMMENT ON THE WRONG DOINGS, or else you may be another VICTIM IN FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

Well, what about those who originally scored 147 marks? Every year, NCERT has been selecting more than 1000 students (1060), but this time they have selected only 1000. I think students who have scored 147 should also be included in the final list.