Friday, February 28, 2014

Negative Marking in NTSE stage 2

1/3rd Negative marking in NTSE Stage-2 Exam to be conducted on 11 May 2014.

go through the following link for details


nayan roy said...

does it ensure NCERT will not make any mistakes in printing or construction of questions? NTSE 2013 HAD 11 QUESTIONS NOT TO BE SCORED AND ntse 2012 had 6/7 questions not to be scored. who will account for the valuable time spend by candidates prodding over wrong questions and then paying for wrong answers?

Anonymous said...

Hey is there any need for the resubmission of documents or form after NTSE stage 1 for stage 2

nayan roy said...

no, you will receive an admit card from NCERT soon. You have to fill it, get attested by school principal and use it.