Friday, May 9, 2014

NTSE stage 2 answer key will be displayed at 3 pm

on 11 May 2014 on this blog


Kausthub said...

1) If the question is unattempted, will marks be given if the question is incorrect?
2) Is the total out of 150 or 450? (excluding language)?
3) Does the qualifying marks 20 out of 50 in language include -ve marking?
4) If anyone gets less than 40% in MAT but gets more than cut-off in total, will he qualify?
5) LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST. Will NCERT display the marks of those students who didn't qualify like how it did in earlier years?

Prasun said...

1.If question is incorrect that question will be excluded from the overall marking,
2. 450
3. yes in includes -ve marking
4. No
5. Yes

Kausthub said...

Thanks a lot, if your information is correct.