Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NTSE stage 1 Rajasthan answer key corrections in SST

There are 8 corrections in official answer key declared by RBSE dated 10 November 2014.

Q. No. 69 -  The given answer is (3) 22.07% where as the right answer is (1) 21.05%
Explanation - The option (1) 21.05 is given as it is in NCERT Class IX in Chapter "Natural Vegetation & Wild Life" on page no. 43 in Column " Do You Know".

Q.No. 70 - The given answer is (3) Jharkhand where as the correct answer is (4) Assam.
Explanation - It is clearly mentioned in Map 5.8 "Wildlife Resources" on page no. 49 in class- IX "Natural Vegetation & Wild Life"

Q. No. 71- The given answer is (4) Non- Recyclabe where as the correct answer is (1) Replenishable.
Explnation - Solar Energy is replenishable as solar enery can be harvested. It is recyclable. If it is depleted then we can again produce it from sun light during the life time of a person. According to the definition of Non- Recyclable resource, the resources which can't be used again & again during the life time of a person are called Non- Recyclable resource so how can solar energy be non- recyclable.

Q. No.- 72- The given answer is (4) Yamuna whereas the correct answer is (3) Mahanadi.
Explanation - Hirakud Dam is situated on Mahanadi, it is again marked on Map of Major rivers and dams on page no. 28 in chapter " Water Resources".

Q. No. 73.- The given answer is (4) Bajra where as the correct answer is (3) Cotton.
Explanation - Bajra is a food crop used in Rajasthan at large level. Cotton is a part of fibre crop. It is also mentioned on page no. 42 in Chapter IV - Agriculture.

Q. No. 74- The given answer is (4) Cobalt where as the right answer is (1) Bauxite.
Explanation - Bauxite is a non-ferrous Mineral as it is the ore of Aluminium. It is mentioned in Chapter 5 "Mineral & Power Resources" on page no. 51 of Class - X under the classification of MInerals. In the same Chart the other three options- Manganese, Nickel & Cobalt are categorized under Ferrous Minerals.

Q. No. - 75- The given answer is (2) Hyderabad where as the right answer is (3) Vishakhapatnam
Explanation.- Hyderabad is not any water body then how can it be sea port of India where as Vishakhapatnam is the sea port of India. It is again marked on Map- "Major Ports and International Airports" in "Lifelines of National Economy" chapter no- 7 in class X geography.

Q. No. 83- The given answer is (2) 41 whereas the right answer is (4) 47
Explanation - According to new data which was published on 1 Sep. 2012 the no of reserved constituencies for ST in Lok Sabha is 47. It is again mentioned in NCERT book page no- 62 in Chapter " Working of Institution" in Class - IX. 41 was old data for ST. But now in NCERT book 47 seats are mentioned.

One more question is controversial in SST.
Q. No. - 85- The given answer is (1) 54 % where as both the options are correct (1) & (4)
Explanation- Option (1) is correct according to census 2001 where as option (4) is correct according to census 2011. In question the year of literacy rate has not been mentioned so both options are correct.

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anuj agnihotri said...

Sir in maths also Qu. 40 should be bonus as all the answers are satisfying the answer but in answer key only 2 option is given