Sunday, November 21, 2010

NTSE stage 1 answer key of Rajasthan paper

I am uploading the answer key of Rajasthan paper
Please click on the following link to access the answer key
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lakshay said...

wud be grateful for the paper also. pls upload it.

however, in delhi, the paper was not given to the students.



Anonymous said...

Hi Nilesh,
You uploaded it at 2.48 AM on 21/11/2010. Unfortunately i could not see it before the exam. Is it true that u uploaded it before exams?
Great Effort



Dear Sir, In Pondicherry the question paper was not given to the student.


Dear Sir, How can I get the latest question papers of NTSE Stage II

shivam said...

dear sir papers were not given in uttar pradesh. do u have any idea what is avg cut off to qualify stage 1 and how many students are selected for stage 2 in uttar pradesh

shivam said...
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pioneermathematics said...

Hello shivam, like you were looking for Ntse exam papers, you can get all these papers from

sakshi said...

Thanks to pioneermathematics!!! really useful site but i am also used studyadda for ntse sample paper.This site also provide all types of NTSE study material