Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rajasthan Model for NTSE to be emulated elsewhere also

For the first time this year NTSE stage 1 papers have been given to students in Rajasthan. Most of the states still want NTSE to be private affair which gives them lot of scope for manipulation. Same was the case with Rajasthan too till last year, but thanks to the mass movement which we initiated last year where more than 200 RTI and around  100 legal notices which were sent to SIERT Udaipur from  NTSE aspirants, this year, some steps have been taken for bringing transparency to this exam. Earlier also i posted how you can ask the your respective state to provide the question paper along with answer key.
SIERT Udaipur which is responsible for conducting the NTSE stage 1 examination for the Rajasthan  state has been run by the corrupt officials so far , who never had any regards for talent. There have been instances of undue favor ism, Carelessly handling ORS to such an extent that at times they miss few ors and declare the result, question are wrong at most of the times in the papers. since the whole affair was very close knit so nothing came out in public.
I appeal to every parent or students to come forward and ask for more transparency in this exam. We need to make it a movement and ask for what is our legitimate right. Please write to me your view at

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