Friday, July 8, 2011

Unified Council Announces its NSTSE-National Level Science Talent Search Examination 2012 for class 2-12

A parent wishes to know how his school-going son is faring in his studies. He has his report card and knows that he is near the top of her class � but is not clear where he stands on a state-wide or nation-wide basis.

A State/Central School Board wishes to assess how effective their academic offering in the primary classes is, especially in the context of a new set of learning methodologies they have introduced. Are the students learning? How does their learning compare with that in other schools?

UNIFIED COUNCIL is working towards helping schools, teachers, students and parents get an exact picture of the level of scholastic skills of the students from Classes 2 to 12 in subjects of Maths and Science. This is being achieved through our National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) on the basis of extensive curriculum research, student achievement level analysis and definition of skill levels of Indian children across State, CBSE and ICSE boards.
Unified Council, is now announcing the National Science Talent Search Examination-2012. The exam is to be conducted on 04th December, 2011 across the country.

NSTSE-Salient Features

-- Exam is conducted by India�s FIRST ISO 9001:2000 organisation in testing & assessment.

-- The aim of NSTSE is to make our younger generation fundamentally stronger and more competitive.

-- It is a challenging, high quality educational experience to a diverse group of students from class II to XII.

-- It aims to provide a broad range of scientific, mathematical and analytical theories in an objective based testing process.

-- It provides excellent analysis reports for students and schools.

-- Every participating student will receive a FREE Success Series Book, which covers memory techniques, effective learning, methodology, mnemonics, concentration techniques etc.

-- Well-known companies like Britannica Encyclopaedia, Brain Mapping Academy are sponsoring prizes worth Rs. 3 Crores

About Unified Council

Unified Council, one of India�s largest institutions of its kind, is formed by broadly educated intellectuals from different streams of education to promote knowledge and teaching of science and mathematics. It provides different educational programmes to students to realize their hidden potential in this highly competitive era.

Web site is

Unified Council also conducts exams in Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Nepal, Iran and Tanzania, Russia, Bahrain and Libia countries. Till date 4.7 million students have taken this exam.

Interested schools & students can get applications from:
Address: Unified Council, 16-11-16/1/B, Saleem Nagar, Malakpet, Hyderabad�500036.
Phone:040-24545862, 24557708. Website:

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