Monday, December 28, 2015

An appeal to IAPT and HBCSE officials for removing the irregularities

The Director,
128/2 J.P. Naik Road,
I.I.E. Campus, Kothrud,
Near Solaris Club,
Pune (Maharashtra) - 411038

Dear Sir,

Sub: Request for correcting glaring inequities in the system of NSE Stage –I Examinations- mis-use /manipulation of the system by some people and institutions

Please refer to the above.
I, as father/ ward of my son [Roll No            ], seek to bring to your notice a highly inequitable and unjust rule / basis of Stage –I selections in NSEJS , NSEB,NSEC,NSEA which will convince any impartial  person that the said Rule is not made in furtherance of the object for which the Science Olympiad competition is supposed to be conducted, but for some either ulterior motive or on the basis of a consideration which has lost its relevance in the changed circumstances.
2.         Your Organization is apparently conducting Olympiad related tests/ competition to bring the talented students of science to focus and promote the education of science in the Country for the betterment of the society and nation at large. In spite of this highly laudable object, you are still caught in the retrograde argument of reservation for various States / Regions of the country. The result is that while students with inferior talent get the opportunity to participate  in subsequent rounds  of Olympiad , the  better ones from other States are overlooked. For example: the cut off marks for students of Rajasthan is 150 and for students of Uttar Pradesh – it is 109.
3.         My son –Master                           , student of   standard at Kota Rajasthan appeared at NSEJS- Stage -I Exam from Kota and in spite of having obtained [   ] marks was not eligible for participating in latter rounds of Olympiad whereas students who got much lesser marks ( from other States) will get the opportunity to do so. Such inequity is extremely disappointing and discouraging for the students and parents alike. It was all the more shocking when it was learnt that other class mates of my son who are enrolled in schools of Kota but appeared from Uttar Pradesh to take the advantage of the lesser cut off of UP and higher  number of seats and got selected with lower marks.
4.        It has come to light that APPEJAY School Noida (Center code UP011) unlawfully enrolled students from other States (especially from Rajasthan) who appeared from their school. In fact, a detailed scrutiny will bring to light  the name of a coaching institute of Kota who masterminded this exercise.
5.          In view of the obvious manipulation, I request you to make me available the following details, at the earliest:
 (i) Please provide the copy of the registration forms of all students enrolled at APPEJAY School Noida (Center code UP011):
(ii) Please provide the details regarding the various inspections/ Checks carried out by your organization to ascertain the correctness of form filled by students.  
That I am ready to pay cost for the documents mentioned above.
6.         I am sure that as a responsible organization, you will provide the above details to me and help restoring the credibility of the system. An investigation by your organization, on above lines, will also bring to light the facts very easily, if done honestly.
7.         Further, if your organization is interested in avoiding such manipulations in future, the best course is eliminate Statewise quota, otherwise this manipulation  will spread far and wide.
7.         I understand that it is easy for a non-governmental organization to shrug off all responsibility and disown any accountability. But it is for inferior organizations and not for an organizations of TEACHERS like yours who are supposedly there to foster higher ethical and moral values in the society.  
8.         In view of above injustice, I am committed to escalate this matter  to the highest levels of  all forums of government, judiciary and social media, if not redressed at your level,  and ensure that such inequities are not perpetrated , credibility of the system is not eroded and unscrupulous people do not go home with undeserving rewards.
                                                                                                  Yours Faithfully


Copy to :
1.        Prof. M. L. Oglapurkar ,  Chief Coordinator (IAPT Examinations),
IAPT Office, Sheela Vihar Colony,
7, Heramb Coop HSG Society,
Near Kimaya Hotel, Karve Road,
Kothrud, Pune 411 038
2.        Prof. Anwesh Mazumdar
National Coordinator, Science Olympiads
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR),
V. N. Purav Marg,
Mankhurd, Mumbai 400 088
3.       Hon’ble Minister for Human Resource
Government of India

New Delhi

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