Sunday, January 3, 2016

bend it like IAPT

Bending rules of IAPT and using them to meet vested interests have become norm these days as it suits the larger interests of few people. IAPT this year clearly laid out the criterion of eligibility of NSEJS according to which students of classes 9 and 10 can only appear in junior science Olympiad. By having set this rule IAPT meant that students of Junior classes ( like 7 and 8 ) should be not exposed to this grind at very early stage which was a very appropriate logic. However IAPT and HBCSE never understood the stakes of few people in these exams because in Senior Olympiad no such things were mentioned and it is generally assumed for class 11 and 12 students in some special cases even class 9 and 10 students can appear for it. But came to know stories of class 7 and 8 students clearing the Senior Science Olympiads. It raises very important questions

1. When IAPT and HBCSE have the objections with the fact that class 7 and 8 students should not appear in NSEJS and how come the same students be allowed to appear in Sr Science Olympiads.

2.   Every state have different cutoff and few people are taking the advantage of this arbitrage and making students appear from the places where cutoff is low irrespective of the fact that where the student is studying. This is vicious trend and soon clearing Olympiad will become more manipulation game rather intelligence.

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